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Welcome To The Piazza Dance Company

We hope you will enjoy your dance experience at the Piazza Dance Company.  Dance is many things to many people; a centuries-old discipline, a beautiful living art form, a fun weekly activity, an incentive parent's use to get kid's to do their homework!  Yes, people enroll in dance for a variety of reasons, each with their own expectations about what dance will do for them.

In fact, parents of children who are seriously involved in dance will tell you dance has provided many positives in their children’s lives, including instilling a sense of confidence and accomplishment, providing an outlet for self -expression, and encouraging self-discipline.  Such parents often claim their children do excellently in their academics as well, and attribute this to the discipline and focus needed for and reinforced in dance class.
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Dance is serious fun

Because dance is so much fun it is often a well kept secret that dance is first and foremost an educational venture, and the dance studio, a school.  Students are expected to have good attendance, be on time, be attentive and respectful in class, follow school rules, including dress codes, and do their homework (practice)!  In fact, students are occasionally tested by written or verbal exam or asked to demonstrate material they've learned.  Please be sure to familiarize yourself with school rules and policies as outlined in the brochure, which you received as part of your enrollment materials.
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Explore Dance - Include the Basics

Simply put, as with any skill, the more you dance, the better you get.  Students taking several classes per week can expect to progress more quickly than the casual student.  And, including courses in ballet, beginning at age 7 or 8, will help the student to develop a strong technical foundation, beneficial to the performance of virtually all dance forms.

Whatever your expectations, we hope your dance experience at the Piazza Dance Company will be a fun and rewarding one, and you will come to love and practice the living art of dance to a ripe, old age.  

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