Lindsey Humpert

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Lindsey Humpert is a native of the Metro Detroit area, and currently resides in Northville. She began her dance training at a young age and completed 20 years of training in ballet, jazz and tap, 10 years in lyrical, and joyfully decided to pursue a full-time career in dance education. Lindsey is proud to be entering into her 18th year of teaching and choreography. It has been 9 years since Lindsey joined the talented team of teachers at Piazza Dance Company. She is proud to be among some of the greatest dance educators in the area. Lindsey continues to teach with unbridled passion, a love for music and movement, and a desire to pass the ability to express emotion and passion on to every student she trains.

Lindsey’s students have gone on to seek professional careers and performance in dance all over the country. She has former students working in L.A as well as New York City. Several past students have been showcased on the nationally televised show, “So You Think You Can Dance”. Two of Lindsey’s students have held the title of Miss Dance of Michigan. She was also the choreographer of the 2013 Petite Miss Dance of Michigan. Lindsey travelled to New Orleans in July of 2013 where her student earned a top ten finish in the national title event, Petite Miss Dance of America. Many of her students have been accepted into prestigious dance programs. University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles, and Brockport University in NYC, are just a few of the schools her students have been accepted to, many receiving scholarships to attend the dance programs. She currently has a student teaching dance at the colligate level with a masters’ in choreography.

Lindsey has been personally invited to choreograph for several local televised events, including the Wayne County Light Fest Grand Opening, Northville’s Festival of Skeletons, Plymouth’s Wicked Halloween Run and Northville’s annual Solstice Run. Motivating dancers to give their all and to perform with “no regrets” has helped Lindsey and her students achieve many overall regional and national awards and recognition, including numerous regional and national choreography awards. Lindsey is also a national dance adjudicator and travels nationally as well as internationally to help further students in their dance education and their ability to grow as young artist. Last season, she visited five cities, and a six-day national event to adjudicate all levels and ages of dancers. Lindsey also teachers master classes, traveling to places such as New York and Ocean City.

Lindsey is currently completing her degree in Nursing. She attends several dance conventions each year and loves to continue training as a dancer. Teaching dance is a passion that has grown within since she was a student. She continues to educate herself with knowledge and experience to grow as a dancer and a dance educator every year. She believes, “Once you think you are good enough, you limit your ability to grow to be your best. Every dancer has the ability to improve. And as an artist, you never stop learning or pushing your own personal limits.”

Lindsey believes that an open mind and a positive attitude have a huge impact on the success and ability to follow your dreams. Being an expert at what you do requires taking in moments and treating each opportunity as a chance to learn and improve. She is extremely thankful to have a life full of dance, and the passion for movement and is so proud to call Piazza her home. Lindsey hopes to have a positive impact on every student when they enter her classroom. She is motivated to help each student have a positive learning experience and would like to be remembered as a role model that was passionate, full of heart, and extremely intense. She is thankful for every opportunity she has to grow and improve as an educator of dance and art.